I moved to my village 6 years ago after my partner moved jobs and I retired. We spent 2 years renovating our house. After we counted it as 'finished' I needed to find something useful to occupy my spare time. I joined a local golf club. I also joined the local Holme Committee who raise funds for a Christmas tree, nativity scene and bonfire night fireworks.

Then I met Simon who was a First Responder when he too moved into the village. After the training I began to respond on-call whenever I was at home.  I have also trained as a ‘Heartstart’ Instructor delivering First Aid/ Basic Life Support/AED training locally.

Following in Simons footsteps I decided to train and extend my skills and knowledge and am now an ECFR. I have been with the group for the last 4 years and health permitting I will be there for the foreseeable future.