Before joining the Ambulance Service I had a career in electrical computer manufacturing where I was a production manager, working on very large multi-million pound projects. Although I enjoyed it at the time, with the late 80’s and early 90’s came dark days for the electronics industry, with rapid advances in technology and a turbulent business environment to match. I was made redundant three times and decided I needed a change of direction.

I took some time out of employment and went on holiday, on the way back home I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do until I saw some paramedics dealing with an road traffic accident; that’s when I knew I wanted to become a paramedic.

Getting into the industry wasn’t easy; I started out on Patient Transport Service, transporting patients to clinics and appointments. I learnt a lot in this role, as it taught me how to speak to and interact with a patient to understand and deliver care suitable for their needs. All this gave me focus to move on to a technician position, moving onto the emergency side of the organisation. After a few years as a Technician I had built up my clinical knowledge and confidence and felt ready to do more interventions to help patients so I enrolled on the paramedic course.

It was through this that I really flourished; I ended up specialising in cardiac related illnesses and became an ambassador for the organisation on this topic. From there I knew I wanted to move into operations management, as opposed to clinical and started to lead on aspects of service delivery in my area. My dedication was recognised and since then I have been seconded as an rapid response vehicle manager within the emergency operations centre (EOC).

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge this opportunity has given me and although I’ve felt out of my depth at times it’s been invaluable in understanding the EOC and how it operates. My priority in this role is welfare of staff and vehicles so it’s all about making sure teams get their meal breaks, finish on time etc giving me huge appreciation for the work we do.

Since joining the ambulance service the scope of practice has become wider and wider; with so many more opportunities and directions in which you can take your career. There are also lots of opportunities to develop and move around within the organisation which I think is great as it makes you better at your job and allows you to take your career in your chosen direction.