why the North West is a great place to live

Happiness –Northern towns dominate the polls for happiness across the board, whether it’s the higher standard of living, more to do, cheaper housing or friendlier neighbours. Why wouldn’t you want to be happier?!

Money – Money makes the world go round. While you may earn slightly more in the capital, the lower house prices and a reduced cost of living make the North West a much more affordable place to live. Think cheaper houses, cheaper bills and much cheaper beers!

You’re never far from the great outdoors/arts/food/shopping/culture scene – whatever it is that takes your fancy, you’ll never be far away; and with all those extra pennies you’ll save by being in the north, you’ll be able to enjoy it too! Even in the middle of Manchester, you’re only a short journey from the beautiful peak district. If its music you’re into; the North West has several of the most vibrant music scenes and live venues so you won’t be disappointed.

You’re not the only one – the relocation of the BBC to Salford is just one of many big organisations moving their workforce ‘up north’. So if you’re a southerner starting a new northern adventure, there will be lots of other people in the same boat as you.

Friendliness – It sounds like a bit of cliché, but people really are friendlier in the north. Whether it’s just a quick hello on the train, or a bit of a laugh in the shops, you’ll always be near a friendly face. 

One of the primary motivations for my relocation to the North West was the lifestyle and cost of living which life in the North West offered me. I joined NWAS (formerly GMAS) as an Ambulance Technician in 2005. Since then I have not looked back. I am totally settled here and have made a nice life for myself. Living on the edge of the peak district has enabled me to fulfil the outdoor lifestyle that I yearned for, yet Manchester is only a stones throw away and offers all of the benefits of a modern thriving city.
— Kirsty, Advanced Paramedic, Greater Manchester

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