I retired from the Police Service after 31 years service, during which time, amongst other things, I had been responsible for the provision of health and safety at work and advanced first aid training to various specialist units. When I found out that a Community First Responder Team was being set up in my area, it seemed a natural thing to do to offer myself up to be of assistance to the Community. I am now in my eighth year of service.

I am the Team Leader / Coordinator for my area team and have received additional training as an ECFR, which greatly increases the number of calls to which I am able to attend. I am also a Field Trainer involved with the delivery of training to CFRs, plus basic life support and defibrillator training to various community groups, commercial establishments, schools and other public services. I believe this to be highly significant as I am equipping people with essential lifesaving skills, where none may have existed before. I have been involved with various working groups within NWAS, and sit on the Regional CFR Forum.  

Overall, being a CFR has encompassed a lot more than I ever thought it would, but practically speaking it provides a much needed, and on occasions indispensable service, which is much appreciated by those with whom you come into contact.  Just being able to make that difference for those patients and their families makes it all worth while.